Sanya Spa

Sanya is an invitation to an experience of life that is nourishing, authentic and always challenging us to new depths of living. We believe that every life experience is a call to adventure, a call to learn about ourselves and the world in a new way. Whether it is high stress levels, a health challenge or a complication in our personal lives, we can take the time to discover ourselves through the situation, and thus discover a new depth of well-being in our lives.

Our centre offers all the elements that you need to support such a nourishing lifestyle. The Eco Spa is all about relaxation, detox and stopping the flow of stress with a time-out, allowing you to come back rejuvenated. Our Organic Juice bar adds the element of a supportive diet, with very high quality, organic ingredients prepared in exquisite raw ensembles. The Yoga Hub, offers a variety of classes to contribute the physical side. And with the gym just next door, this is really a one-stop shop for every facet of high quality living. We also have a full list of workshops, retreats and talks to empower you to learn and experience different aspects of living a healthy life.

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