Chic Physique

A holistic healthy lifestyle means learning to eat things that nourish you and move you towards your goals. Our experience with clientele continued self-development, and programs such as Premiere Lifestyle means we will be able to guide you to a more healthy way of eating.
If you are after a more goal-focused, result-fuelled, personalized approach to your training, we have a dedicated team of personal trainers that work with us.
Our personal trainers join forces to get you workout plans that will be effective and get you the goals you require. Whether your a beginner or a workout veteran, whether you want to cut or bulk up, check out our affordable 8-week training programs and find the one that suits you perfectly!

We offer a wide variety of classes that differ in both scope and intensity. We offer anything from aerobic EasyLine classes to high-intensity Strength Classes. Our gym can be used at any time through our standard membership scheme. In return enjoy an unmatched training atmosphere and professional set-up.

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